Shipping with StarShip


The basic components of a shipment are the:

StarShip processes this information into shipment documentation, such as bill of lading, labels, reports, and so on. If you have an account set up with a carrier, StarShip can use this data to rate shipments and book the carrier pickup.



Shipment information can come from:


Combine related orders

StarShip allows you to combine multiple orders in order to consolidate your shipments.  Related orders are orders where the "Ship To" address information is the same as the order you selected. They are automatically populated under the "Related Orders" section in the Shipping Assistant.


Add orders

You can also add orders that are not related. In the Add Orders field, type in the order number or click the magnifying glass to browse for and select an order. When the "Ship To" address information does not match that of the first order, the address information from the first order will be used. You can also press the Add Order button in the shipment tree view to add orders.


Enter quantities and populate remaining fields

After you have selected the orders to be shipped and clicked Next in the Shipping Assistant, the next step is to define the quantities you want to ship and enter any information that might be missing.


Package Items

After setting up your packaging dimensions and weights in Maintain > Packaging, you can simply drag and drop your items to ship into packages. StarShip automatically adds the weight of the packaging to the item weight.

More about Item Packing


Palletize Items (Freight)

After packaging your items into boxes, you can drop them onto handling units (freight only), such as pallets. You also set up handling unit dimensions and weight in Maintain > Packaging.


Additional Shipment Options

Enter any shipment or package options (parcel) not mapped to the source interface.


Ready Date/Time (Freight)

Under Shipment status, select the date the shipment will be ready, and the organized pickup time, in the "Ready Date" and "Pickup between" fields.


Rate the Shipment

When the shipment information is complete, click the rate button to retrieve a list of competitive rates.


Save the shipment

If the shipment is complete, you can Save or Ship/Process. Save is a draft that does not update the source interface.  Ship/Process processes the shipment.


Confirm Shipment

The shipment is tendered to the carrier. If you set up the bill of lading and/or labels to print automatically, they are now generated.