Rate Shop Tab


The Rate Shop tab is where you configure settings for rate shopping, run rate shop scenarios, and view and select rate quotes, once you've entered or loaded the shipment information.


How to rate shop

Rate shopping can occur automatically using Rate Shop Scenarios. You can define when Rate Shop scenarios should be applied in Rate Shop Scenarios settings. Rate Shop can also be executed manually :

For in-depth information, see Rate Shop Scenarios.






Required Delivery By : The default value is today's date plus 1 month; you can set a different date and time before submitting your rate request. When you change this setting after rating, and then re-rate the shipment, StarShip will only display those carriers that meet the Required Delivery By requirement. This setting affects the carriers and services that will be available, as not all carriers or services can ship to a destination within the specified period of time.


Scenario : The Rate Shop scenario to run can be manually selected from the drop-down list. The scenario can also be selected by conditional rules, by shipment defaults, by shipment import, or by source interface mapping. Scenarios marked with an asterisk indicate that this scenario was chosen by StarShip based on conditional rules. The last or currently selected scenario is highlighted in blue so that users can return to it if necessary. To run a scenario manually, click the Run button.


Notes : If StarShip is unable to select a rate quote due to services in the rate shop scenario that may not be available for the selected destination, or because of other conflicts, you can define what StarShip should do when no selection is possible. Click here for more information on that setting.

Also, If the user chooses a different rate quote than the one that was automatically selected by StarShip based on conditions, conditional rules are deactivated and the user is notified. To reactivate conditional rules for the shipment, you can switch back to the scenario highlighted in blue.





Rate Quotes

Delivery : The default value is Estimated Delivery. Other options are Business Days and Total Days.

Charges Type : The default value is Contract rates. You can also select to view List Rates.


Rate quotes are color-coded and grouped into 4 categories:


This is the number of transit days.



This is the quote for the shipping charge. More information about the selected (checked) carrier charge can be found on the Charges tab.


Stored results

 StarShip will save the rate quotes returned from a rate request. If you re-rate a shipment and all the shipment data is identical to the first time you rated, StarShip will use the cached rates.



You can sort the Rate Quotes list in ascending/descending order by clicking on any column heading.


Carrier Selection

Double-click on the carrier to select it. A selected carrier is indicated by a check mark next to its name. Once selected, this carrier will appear in the Carrier field on the Shipment tab.

Also, the breakdown of charges for that carrier appears on the Charges tab.


Unable to Rate

StarShip will not return rates for carrier interfaces that are disabled or have a configuration problem but will return rates for carrier interfaces that are enabled and have accounts. However, when there are issues with all of your carrier interfaces, rating the shipment is not possible. For example:


Example : No carriers are found




Example : Some carriers are found and issues with other carriers are displayed.




After clicking OK, correct the shipment information and re-rate the shipment. StarShip will update this dialog with the new status:








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