Charges Tab


The Charges tab lists all components of the total charges for the currently selected carrier's rate. You can choose to display charges for the entire shipment or for a single package.


Shipment Level Charges

The Entire Shipment view breaks down the totals for all packages in the shipment.


Single Package Charges

The Single Package view breaks down charges for one package in the shipment. Select the package (Package 1, Package 2, etc.) for which you want to view charges from the Package field.

Entire Shipment Charges

The Entire Package View totals the charges for all packages in the shipment.


The Details section further defines charges by Applied, Contract, or List rates. Select the type you wish to view from the Rate Type drop-down list.

The information that displays below the grid shows how package or shipment charges were created. If you are using freight rules, this section would display the initial charges and then how rules were applied.


Rule detail :

Charges that were changed by freight rules have links to rule details. Rule details also show if shipment values were distributed at the package level, and the combined package values used to create shipment level values.


Click the square next to the charge to view rule details.


StarShip displays the freight rule information that was used for the charge you selected.