Template Design


The Template Designer opens with a blank email template, which you can use to create and save a new template. You can also open a saved template in the Template Manager, where you can access and administer all templates.

All file commands (New, Open, Save, Delete, etc.) are available from the File menu and the toolbar. You can preview a template's design populated with shipment data by using the Preview tab or Tools > Load Preview Data.

The template window is comprised of different sections that make up the final email.
Use the information below to create and configure a template.

Note : The final email appearance may be different than the template design depending upon the email platform (Google, Yahoo, etc.) used by the email recipient.




Email Address Fields


Design Tab

Preview Tab


Email Address Fields


Click on any of these field names to add email addresses. The From and Cc, Bcc fields are only displayed if the options are checked under Edit > Preferences > Designer > Email Header.

Note that the From field is limited by what is allowed by your email server. See Preferences for more information.


A 'To' address must be specified in order to enable a template. If you attempt to enable and save a template without a 'To' address, you will receive an error message and the template will not be saved or enabled until you correct the 'To' field.






On the Add New Email Address dialog, select a Fixed Email Address to enter the address data yourself.


Shipment Data

Or, you can choose to populate the email address from Shipment Data. You can select from a list of fields in the Email Address field.
Note : If you create and enable a template that uses a dynamic email address from the shipment data, and that email field is not populated in the shipment, an email will not be generated.


Using multiple email addresses

eNotify supports multiple email addresses in one field, separated by a comma or semi-colon; however, you must use a User Defined field from StarShip Shipment Data to store the email addresses, and then select that User Defined field in the Email Address field here :





Enter the subject line for the email notification. You can type directly into this field or select a dynamic field to insert.

When selecting a dynamic field, most fields are imported directly without formatting.





For fields where a plain integer is required, select the way you want the integer to display. You can preview your selection to the right.



For date fields, select the date format.



Design Tab

This is where you create the email body. To add text, you can type directly into the window, and add other elements using the tools provided. Click a link below for more information about each element of the email body :


Preview Tab

This tab allows you to preview the built email with actual shipment data. Right-click in the tab and select Load Preview Data from the pop-up menu. You can then select from a shipment list and click OK to populate the template preview with that shipment's data.