Welcome to Pitney Bowes setup. The StarShip-Pitney Bowes integration allows our shippers to create accurate USPS shipping labels, track packages, and manage shipments, inventory, and expenses. You can also access new flexible financing options, such as the Pitney Bowes "Bill Me Later" program for postage funding.


Pitney Bowes offers unique tools and features that will add value and simplify your postal shipping process.

Ship now and pay later with the Pitney Bowes Line of Credit :



Setup Notes


Setup is a two part process that includes setting up a Pitney Bowes Shipping Postage Account if you do not already have one, and then adding your account to StarShip.


Shipping Postage Account Setup

StarShip Setup



Printing Requirements and Setup

To see if your printer is supported for printing USPS labels with Pitney Bowes, have a look at this topic for setting up USPS label printers for Pitney Bowes.

Printing Setup for Pitney Bowes



SCAN Form Setup

In order to print the SCAN form for the USPS driver, you'll need to enable the SCAN form in StarShip; see SCAN Form Setup for the steps.



Supported Payment Methods

Pitney Bowes supports Credit Card, Line of Credit or ACH payment options.


Contact Pitney Bowes at:

Phone: (855) 393-8874 or

Email : PaymentsAPISupport@pb.com.


See Updating Your Payment Method where we provide helpful information on changing your payment method to a Line of Credit.



Credit Line Increase

After your initial credit line approval, you may feel the need to increase the amount of your credit line. See Request a Credit Line Increase for more information.