Printing Setup for Pitney Bowes


Review these special instructions for setting up USPS label printers for Pitney Bowes.



Supported Printers

Your printer must support the ZPL II thermal programming language. EPL-only printers are not supported by Pitney Bowes. To see a list of supported printers, click here.




Check Printer Compatibility and Label Settings

These steps should be performed on each StarShip shipping station where USPS shipments may be processed.



1. Determine if each label printer is compatible with Pitney Bowes


In Setup > Printing > Manage Printers, select each thermal printer and click the Edit Printer button.   


Printer Model = ZPL II Thermal Printer Model

If the Printer Model field is set to ZPLII Thermal Printer Model, this printer CAN be used to print USPS labels with Pitney Bowes.


Printer Model = EPL2 Thermal Printer Model

If the Printer Model is set to EPL2 Thermal Printer Model, click the Print Model Type button.






2. Verify Thermal Label Setting


In Setup > Printing > Manage Labels, click on the USPS Parcel thermal label item.






Make sure that the Printer field is set to use a ZPL II compatible thermal printer.






Warning Messages

When your currently set up thermal printer is incompatible with Pitney Bowes, you may see one of these error messages when launching or after updating StarShip. If you see these messages, you should check your printing setup as described in the steps above.



After updating StarShip




Upon launching StarShip