International Shipments


StarShip supports international shipments of documents and commodities for USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL. StarShip can submit AES, EEI, and ETD (Electronic Trade Documents).

See :  How to Process an International Shipment


Documents consist of non-dutiable shipments such as documents, invoices, contracts, reports, etc. Generally, a commodity that is typed, written, or printed matter with no commercial value is treated as a document. Typically, documents do not require an invoice.


Commodities are generally items you ship that are part of a commercial transaction, or have commercial value, and require a Commercial Invoice.


 How do I add commodities?  You can enter commodity information for an item in Maintain > Inventory > International tab.


Ship screen - International tab

Select and configure international shipment details on the International tab for all non-US shipments, including Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam. This information will print on the Commercial Invoice.

The components of an international shipment are:



Select the parties involved in the shipment. You can choose the Broker, Importer, and/or Ultimate Consignee.

: Parties



Decide how the Transportation, Duties, and Taxes will be distributed by either the sender (Prepaid), Recipient, or a Third Party. Your selections will depend on the Billing Type defined on the Shipment tab.

: International



EEI must be electronically filed to the Automated Export System (AESDirect) by the U.S. Principal Party in Interest (USPPI) or their designated agent.  

Shipments may be exempt from EEI filing; in this case, you only need to specify the Exemption detail. Commodities may not be exempt from EEI filing if they are shipped under a license or license exception, under ITAR, or if they are rough diamonds.

EEI filing method and information is entered and submitted on the International tab. You can submit EEI to AESDirect, or to UPS for UPS shipments. When submitting to AES, you receive an AES response email containing the ITN number, which needs to be entered into StarShip before processing the shipment. If AES is set up in International Preferences, the ITN is retrieved and automatically populated. You can also copy and paste the ITN number from the email to the ITN field. A third method of finding the ITN is to click the Inquire button on the Shipment tab and view ITN status. ITN is required to process the shipment if EEI is filed pre-departure.

: EEI filing


Commercial Invoice

A commercial invoice is needed for all non-document shipments. The commercial invoice allows you to view or enter various charges, comments, reason for export, and importer information in addition to the document or commodity list that is printed on the Commercial Invoice.

: Commercial Invoice


See also : EEI Filing, International Preferences




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