Freight Rules Wizard


Freight Rules settings, and the Freight Rule Wizard that helps you create or modify rules, are accessible from the Setup menu (Setup > Freight Rules), or from Source Interface setup (under Customize Freight Rules). From the Setup menu, you can configure freight rules for manually created and batch imported shipments, and also for your customized freight rules, "My Freight Rules", that are applied to documents imported from the Source Interface.




To configure Freight Rules for manual and imported shipments, select Setup > Freight Rules > Manual/Import.



This menu option will be disabled if you checked the setting to use the currently active source interface freight rules for Manual/Import in Setup > Preferences > General.


Note for Rate Quote Standalone

The setting "Use currently active Source freight rules for Manual/Import Shipments" (in Setup > Preferences > General) should be de-selected to ensure that the Rate Quote web interface uses the same freight rules as the StarShip Client. Once the option is unchecked, define your freight rules in Setup > Freight Rules > Manual/Import. This note does not apply to users who access Rate Quote through an ERP interface.






Freight Rules Interface (My Freight Rules)

To configure Freight Rules for shipments from source interface documents, select Setup > Freight Rules > My Freight Rules.



  Then configure settings that will be applied  when importing shipments from your source interface(s).





These settings control how Freight Rules are applied to the type of Freight Rules you selected.



For Prepaid shipments, set Applied Charges to

This initial value for Prepaid shipments is the amount StarShip will base the Applied Charges upon at the Package and Shipment level. Freight rules and handling fees will be applied to this base value; or, if no rules are used, this will be the final Charges amount that is written back to the source interface.

You can select from :



When package level charges are unavailable

List or contract charges may not be supplied by the carrier at the package level. In this case, StarShip needs to know how to establish the initial package level value. Choose how to distribute shipment charges to the package level:



When multiple orders are shipped in a single shipment, set order Freight Charge from Shipment Total Applied Freight

For a single shipment containing multiple orders, StarShip gives you the ability to divide or set the Total Applied Freight in a number of ways :

Note: For the "Set on first/last order" options, the first (or last) order is determined by the sequence in which the orders are imported into StarShip, and not the numerically or alphabetically first (or last) order. So if you select order #99, and add related orders #55 and #33, #99 is considered the first order. When multi-selecting orders from the Search/Batch window, the sorting placement will determine the order that is first -  i.e., the top-most order on the Search/Batch window will be first.




Use custom freight rules to modify the Applied Charges

This setting allows you to define and use custom freight rules, if desired. Choices are :

Selecting "Only for prepaid shipments" or "For all shipments" will activate the Define Freight Rules button, which you can click to set up or modify freight rules.




Import Freight Rules

Click this button to import freight rules from a previously created interface. You can select to import from a file or a database. When importing, you can choose to overwrite your existing freight rules interface, or merge the imported rules with your existing freight rules interface (this will add the new rules).





Export Freight Rules

Click this button to export the current freight rules interface to a StarShip Rules Files file.



Define Freight Rules

Click the Define Freight Rules button to launch the Freight Rules Viewer, where you can add and modify freight rules. Then, click the Add New Rule link or select an existing rule to modify.




Create Freight Rules

The Freight Rules Wizard steps you through the process of creating rules. Use the following sections to configure the components of a freight rule :




Define the value to modify at the package or shipment level : Select from Freight or Accessorial Charges, Total Applied Amount, or Handling Fee.




Type of Freight Rule

Define the type of rule : This is the rule's outcome on the value you selected above.


Next : Define Conditions : How to add and configure conditions



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