Ship Quantities and Classification


The second dialog of the Shipping Assistant is Ship Quantities and Classification. You can modify the quantity of line items being shipped and enter freight classification information. You cannot disable this dialog.


Field information

Group Setup

Click this button to access Maintain > Groups if you want to add groups or change group details.


Show By Order

When this check box is enabled, line items that are included on more than one order will display in a separate row for each order. When it is not checked, the line item displays in one row and Order Number column says Multiple.


Document Number

The line item's related document number, such as order, invoice or shipment number. If Show By Order is not enabled, this column will be set to Multiple when the item on the current row is included in more than one order.


Item Number

Item number for the line item.


Item Description

Description for the line item. Item descriptions are set up in Maintain Inventory.



Hazard Materials flag for the line item.



Units of measure for the line item.


To Ship

The number of units remaining to be shipped (excluding the current shipment).


On Shipment  

The number of units in this shipment.  



This is the NMFC Code. You can select from the values entered in Maintain > NMFC Codes by clicking the hourglass button.

See also Freight Classification Information.


Note: If you change the Code, Sub, or Class column, StarShip remove the value from the Group field if the Group settings do not match the current code, subcode, and class.



This is the NMFC Subcode. Type in a value or select a code/subcode combination from Maintain > NMFC Codes by clicking on the hourglass button.

See also Freight Classification Information.



The NMFC Freight class of the line item. If the NMFC Code or Group is set, this column is populated by the corresponding value entered in Maintain > NMFC Codes or Maintain > Groups.

You cannot change this field when the Code and Sub are already populated.



This is the Group name, which can be selected from the drop-down list. The list is populated with groups you set up in Maintain > Groups.

See Freight Classification Information below.


Freight Classification Information

The freight classification information (Code, Sub, Class, Group) that displays for each item varies depending on your setup in Setup > Freight Preferences > Bill of Lading as follows:

  1. The Class column always displays.

  2. If  the "Items are Classified Using" field in Bill of Lading Setup is set to NMFC Code, Subcode, and Class, then the Code and Sub columns are shown.

  3. If the "Group Items on Bill of Lading" field in Bill of Lading Setup is set to By Group Name, then the Group column is shown.