Maintain Carriers


Maintain Carriers provides access to your parcel and freight carriers database, where you can add user-defined carriers and configure carrier information.

StarShip automatically loads all supported carriers based on your registration; these carriers cannot be deleted. The carriers listed in the Maintain Carriers window will also include those that you have added manually and set up for Manual Processing.


User-Defined/Manual Processing Freight Carriers

You can add a carrier you use for manual processing that is not associated with your carrier accounts.

Follow these steps to add a new carrier.

  1. In the StarShip Client, select Maintain > Carriers.
  2. Click the New Carrier button. You can also press Ctrl + N or select File > New.  

  3. Enter the following information on the Main tab
  1. The Settings tab allows you to set the carrier interface(s) that will provide rates for this carrier, and configure billing and tendering options.



 When this carrier is selected, this default account will be populated on the Shipment tab :

For more information on defining the default account for a specific carrier interface, see that carrier's interface setup help.


Billing & Tendering (Default billing type)

Select the default prepaid billing type for each carrier interface/account combination by choosing from the drop-down list. This is the default Billing Type for shipments that are shipped using this carrier interface/account combination. You can select from Sender,, or any other 3PL that you set up in Maintain > 3PL. Then choose a tendering type: the choices are Call, Daily Pickup, or Electronic.

Finally, if you want to disable prepaid billing options for a carrier interface/account, check Disable. Once disabled, you will not see rates for this carrier when you rate a shipment, nor will this carrier appear on the Shipment tab.


PRO Numbers

StarShip allows you to automatically generate PRO Numbers for manual shipments. This feature can also be used when freight carriers do not assign PRO Numbers, such as when the Tendering Type is set to Call or Daily Pickup. Additionally, StarShip allows you to configure different PRO Numbers settings for different Carrier Interface/Accounts for the same carrier.

For more information, see Auto-generate Pro Numbers.


Parcel Carriers

  1. In the StarShip Client, select Maintain > Carriers.
  2. Click the New Carrier button. You can also press Ctrl + N or select File > New.  

  3. Enter the following information to create and configure the new carrier :



Accounts :

This tab allows you to set up your carrier accounts. You can have multiple accounts for each carrier but you must have at least one account set up in order for the carrier to appear as a selection on the Ship screen.

Click Add to add an account and fill out the tabs as described below:


Address Tab

Provide an account name and a unique account number for the account.

Each account must also have a corresponding address. This is the address that will be used as the origin address when rating shipments.

Zones/Rates Tab

StarShip allows you to upload your carrier rates and zones files to use when processing shipments for this carrier. Zones and rates are used when processing domestic shipments only.  For International shipments, shipping charges must be entered manually. You do not have to upload zones/rates files.


Service Availability drop-down


All services are available for all destinations; zone unassigned

If you don't have a zone file to upload, you should select this option. This allows users to process shipments for this carrier without zone or rate information. All created services will be available for the selected carrier and the shipping charges can be manually entered. (Other Zones/Rates settings on this dialog will be greyed out, and any uploaded Zones data will not be used.)

Other Actions

Edit Carrier

Delete Carrier