Auto-generate PRO Numbers


StarShip allows you to automatically generate PRO Numbers for manual shipments. This feature can also be used when freight carriers do not assign PRO Numbers, such as when the Tendering Type is set to Call or Daily Pickup. Additionally, StarShip allows you to configure different PRO Numbers settings for different Carrier Interface/Accounts for the same carrier.

Generally, the PRO Number is a 7-10 digit tracking number assigned to a freight shipment. PRO Numbers can include a check digit at the end that allows the integrity of the number to be verified.


  1. In Maintain > Carriers, select the carrier for which you want to set up PRO Numbers.
  2. On the PRO Numbers tab, check the "Auto-generate PRO Numbers for 'carrier' shipments when not returned by carrier API" check box.

  3. Click the Add new PRO Number Setup button.


Configure Auto-Generation Properties


Once the carrier is added, you can configure properties for auto-generating the PRO Number as follows:


Carrier Interface

Select the carrier interface to use with this carrier, or use the “All Carrier Engines/Accounts” option to include all of your set up. Carrier interfaces are set up in Maintain > Carriers.



This prefix will be used as part of the actual PRO Number that StarShip generates.

Note: The Prefix is not included in the check digit calculation. If you want to use the Prefix in the check digit calculation, include it in the Rolling Number Range, and adjust the Rolling Number Length accordingly.


Rolling Number Length

This number value determines the length of the generated PRO Number.


Rolling Number Range

The rolling number range is required when automatically generating PRO Numbers. PRO Numbers will be generates starting with the beginning value that you enter; when the end value is reached, StarShip will notify you.


Next Rolling Number

If needed, enter a value for the next rolling number StarShip should assign.


Checksum Type

Select the check digit logic type used by this carrier. If you don’t know it, contact the carrier to request this information. If the carrier does not use a check digit, you can select “No Check Digit” in this field.


Note: When the PRO Number for a shipment is automatically assigned by the carrier or manually entered into the PRO Number field while processing a shipment, this takes precedence over the StarShip auto-generated PRO Number and it will not be used.



PRO Number Examples