Third-Party Logistics (3PL)


A third-party logistics provider (3PL) is a firm that provides outsourced or "third party" logistics services to companies for part or sometimes all of their supply chain management function. Third party logistics providers typically specialize in integrated warehousing and transportation services that can be scaled and customized to customer’s needs based on market conditions and the demands and delivery service requirements for their products and materials. 1

StarShip has integrated within its user interface. You may also use a different 3PL company, which you can set up under Maintain > 3PL.


Maintain 3PL

Maintain > 3PL  allows you to enter and configure 3PL and Freightquote billing information. The 3PL Billing settings affect the options available to you on the Shipment tab, and the default prepaid billing type you set up here is reflected in the carrier account settings in Setup > Carrier Interface >  Account.


The 3PL Maintenance dialog lists 3PLs by ID, name, and address. All columns may be sorted in ascending/descending order by clicking on the column headings.

StarShip automatically adds the Freightquote 3PL record for you.



Add 3PL

To add a new 3PL company, click the New 3PL button, press Ctrl + N, or select File > New 3PL. Enter the information as described below in the Main and Details tabs.


Edit 3PL

To edit an existing 3PL company, double-click it. You can also use the Edit 3PL button, press Ctrl + E, or select Edit > Edit 3PL.

Note that you cannot change the main company and address information for Freightquote.


Delete 3PL

To delete a 3PL entry or entries, select it from the list and press Ctrl + D. You can also select Edit > Delete 3PL or click the red X in the toolbar.


Print 3PL

To print out a 3PL entry, select it and click the Print button. You can also select File > Print 3PL or press Ctrl + P.


Main tab



Type in a unique ID for the 3PL company.


Address Information

Type in the address and contact information for this 3PL company. Blue field headings indicate required fields.


Phone Number/Fax Number

Enter the 3PL company phone and fax information. Limited to 10 characters each, with a phone extension of up to 5 digits.


Details tab

This tab shows the carrier interface/account - carrier combinations that will use the currently selected 3PL as the default prepaid billing type. You can also set this up for manually processed shipments.


Using the drop-down lists, first select the account under the carrier interface, and then place a check next to each carrier you want to include under that account.