Line Item Tab


The Line Item tab displays when you click on the Line Item View button in the shipment tree view. The information related to the highlighted line item displays in the Line Item tab.



Line Item Information


Item Number

Item number of the currently selected line item.  


Unit of Measure

Unit of measure for the currently selected line item.  


Hazardous Material

Enable the check box to indicate the item is hazardous.



Descriptive text for the currently selected line item.


Marks and Numbers

Marks or numbers associated with the item.


Part #

The item's part number.



Global Trade Item Number, used to ensure that  trade items are identified correctly throughout the world.



Universal Product Code, a 12-digit number code that, along with a barcode, identifies the manufacturer and specific product.


Unit Value

The value of one unit of the currently selected line item.


Unit Weight

Weight in pounds of one Unit of Measure of the item.


Group (Freight Mode)

Group selected for this line item.  This information displays only if Bill of Lading Setup has one of the following scenarios enabled:


NMFC Information

NMFC Code and subcode that classifies the item. This information displays only if the Bill of Lading setup option Items are Classified Using is set to "NMFC Code, subcode, and class".


Order Number

Order number for this line item. This will have a setting of Multiple if this line item appears on more than one order. When not shipping against an order, this field will say No Order.


Units to Ship

Units available to ship on the order.


Units on Shipment

Units being shipped with this shipment. If the Units on Shipment quantity is increased, the additional units are not packed. This prevents StarShip from changing the packing that you configured.


Total Value

Total value of the currently selected line item.


Total Shipped Weight

Total weight of the items, packaging, and handling units for the currently selected line item.


Line Item User Definable Fields

StarShip allows you to define an unlimited number of Item User Definable fields of various formats that you can customize and map to Source fields

User Definable field labels and properties are configured in Setup > Preferences > User Definable Fields. To map User Definable fields to source interface fields, see Customize Interface.


International Data

This area shows the Schedule B information if the line item is part of an international shipment. Click the    to search for a Schedule B Code.

This launches the Edit Line Item Commodity Information for the currently selected item. Click the magnifying glass next to the Code field to look up the Schedule B code.

You can enter a search term and search by Code or Description.

Make a selection and click OK to populate the Schedule B information on the Line Item tab.

More information about Schedule B


Note: If any of the Schedule B fields (Code, UOM, Multiplier) are mapped to either a fixed value or a source interface value, and the line item already exists in the StarShip database with Schedule B information, the values in the database are used instead of the mapped values.


See also

For more information about International Data fields, see International Shipments.