AAA Cooper Shipping


The AAA Cooper module allows you to rate via the Internet, giving you live access to negotiated rates. In addition, you can track shipments, request pickups, get proof of delivery, generate the BOL, and print package/pallet labels. AAA Cooper supports LTL shipments to destinations in the USA (lower 48 states).




Guaranteed Day Delivery


Supported Accessorials

Handling Fee : Charge an additional handling fee

COD : Cash on Delivery

Limited Access Delivery

Limited Access Pickup

Liftgate Pickup

Liftgate Delivery

Inside Pickup

Inside Delivery

Hazardous Shipment

Delivery Notify : Note - If you will be mapping this field to a fixed value of 'Selected" or to a source interface field, map the "Call Before Delivery" field under Shipment Options in StarShip's Customize Interface. More info....



Supported Billing Types

Prepaid (Sender)

Prepaid (3PL)


Third Party



Rating/Shipping Notes




AAA Cooper uses a specific Port for web services such as rating and pickup requests. If this port is blocked, you will see the following error.

The network administrator will need to allow external communication from this port in the network firewall.


Note : If the firewall cannot be configured to use domain name aliases, these are the IP address ranges that should be allowed for port 8188 as provided by AAA Cooper :