Call Before Delivery


Some carriers offer the option to notify the recipient of an impending shipment delivery. In StarShip, we call this "Call Before Delivery" , however the shipment option will vary depending on the carrier. This table shows the "Call Before Delivery" equivalent name for each carrier that supports this shipment option.



Call Before Delivery Option


Appointment Delivery

A. Duie Pyle, Holland Carriers, Reddaway Carriers

Arrival Notice


Arrival Notification

Old Dominion, ABF Freight, Southeastern Freight Lines, Averitt Express, Dayton Freight Lines

Call Before Delivery

TForce Freight, FedEx Freight, Enterprise TMS

Delivery Notify

AAA Cooper

Delivery Notification

YRC, R+L Carriers

Destination Delivery Notification

XPO Logistics

Delivery Appointment

New Penn

Notification at Delivery

Dependable Highway Express

Notify Consignee

Estes Express Lines


Pitt Ohio



Regardless of what the specific option name is for a carrier, this option will appear as "Call Before Delivery" when mapping this field in StarShip's Customize Interface. The example below shows how to set this option on the Shipment Options tab to always be selected or "checked" by default. You could also map this field to a source interface field.






See also : Customize Interface