C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery)


C.O.D. collection services allow you to collect funds from your customers upon delivery of the shipment.


Decide how you want to apply the COD amount(s):

  1. If you want to apply a unique COD amount to individual packages, begin with package 1, making sure that the Packaging tab has focus. Check the C.O.D. check box. Next, select a C.O.D. Type and enter the COD amount in the Amount field. Go to the next package in the shipment and repeat for each package:

  2. If you want to distribute the total COD amount equally to each package, click on the Shipment tab, select COD and select Apply To: Divide Between Packages. Select a C.O.D. Type and then enter the total amount for all packages in the Base Amt. field. This will automatically distribute the C.O.D. amount across the packages.


  3. If you want to group all COD amounts for the shipment on the first or last package, check the C.O.D. check box on the Shipment tab. In the Apply To field, select First Pack or Last Pack. Select the C.O.D. Type and then enter the total C.O.D. amount for all packages in the Base Amt. field. This will automatically apply the total C.O.D. amount to the first or last package in the shipment:



C.O.D. Type

Choose Guaranteed Funds as the COD Type if you want the carrier to collect payment in the form of certified check, money order, or cashier's check.

Choose Customer Check Acceptable as the COD Type if it is acceptable for the carrier to collect a company or personal check.  


Other Shipment Options

Add freight charges: You can add the freight cost to the base C.O.D. amount by checking the Add freight charges check box. The C.O.D. amount + freight charge is reflected in the Applied field.

Note: When combining the COD "Add Freight charges" option with the "Print label when shipper clicks next" Preference setting, any selection other than "Last Package" for the "Apply To" field will cause all labels in the shipment to be reprinted on Ship / Process, due to the freight charge changing after the labels were initially printed.

Remit To: The Remit To field defaults to Sender, but if you want to change the remittance party, select Other from the drop-down list and click the  button to enter an address. The Address Entry dialog pops up and allows you to enter a remittance address for this shipment.



See also : Shipment tab


COD Option Charge


By default, the COD option charge (i.e. the accessorial fee) is charged to the normal billing party for most freight carriers. For example, if the Billing field is set to Recipient, the COD charge is passed on to the shipment recipient; for Prepaid billing, the COD charge is assessed to the Sender. These carriers include AAA Cooper, XPO Logistics, Old Dominion, ABF Freight, and New Penn.


An exception is the ability with TForce Freight to manually choose the party that will be charged the COD option cost. This field is located next to the Base Amt field :