Handling Fee


Handling fees can initiate from source interface values or values added by the user on the Ship screen. A handling fee can be set up at the package (for parcel) or shipment level, depending upon how you choose to apply it. When this option is checked and configured, the Applied Amount is added to or subtracted from the Freight Charge.




You can set the Handling Fee option to:



Type of handling fee


Flat Amount : StarShip adds the dollar amount you enter to the package(s).

Percentage of freight : This percentage value will be used to calculate a handling fee based on the actual freight charges. So, if you enter 10, then 10% of the freight charges will be added as a handling fee.

Min.$ and Max.$ : This is the minimum or maximum dollar amount that can be charged when the handling fee is calculated as a percentage. If you don't want to define a limit, leave the default $0.00.



Base Amount

The base amount is automatically calculated and can be added to or subtracted from the Applied Amount by clicking the Add or Subtract radio buttons.


Applied Amount

This is the handling fee that will be charged. The applied amount only displays when one or more freight rules have been used to modify the handling fee.



Handling Fee Freight Rules

When Package or Shipment Handling Fee rules have been set up and the conditions of a rule has been met, the Handling Fee check box is automatically enabled on Ship screen. For some shipments, you may not want to charge a handling fee even if handling fee rules apply.

To allow the user to de-select the Handling Fee option when you have freight rules configured, you can set up a rule that uses the Handling Fee check box as a condition (checked or unchecked). So you can set up the rule to say that if the Handling Fee option is unchecked under options, don't apply a handling fee.

See : Disable Handling Fee