XPO Logistics Shipping


StarShip continues to expand LTL offerings with the addition of XPO Logistics, the nation's 2nd largest LTL carrier.  The XPO Logistics module allows you to rate directly on the XPO Logistics servers, giving you live access to negotiated rates. In addition, you have the ability to track, request pickups, generate the BOL, and print package/pallet labels. XPO Logistics supports destinations in the USA (including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico) and Canada.





XPO Logistics Freight

XPO Logistics Freight Guaranteed


Supported Accessorials


Handling Fee : Charge an additional handling fee

COD : Cash on Delivery

Hazardous Materials

Origin Liftgate

Origin single shipment : A shipment weighing less than 500 pounds that is picked up at one location with no other shipments.

Inside Pickup/Delivery

E-mail BOL : Send an e-mail copy of the shipment's BOL to your selection :

Excessive Length : When item/package is greater than 14 feet in length

Saturday or Holiday Delivery

Destination Delivery Notification : Notify consignee prior to delivery; If you will be mapping this field to a fixed value of 'Selected" or to a source interface field, map the "Call Before Delivery" field under Shipment Options in StarShip's Customize Interface. More info....

Protect from Freezing : You can elect to pay for freeze protection for an additional charge.

Excessive Value : When Shipment value (Declared Value) is over $150,000.00 with a maximum declared value of $650K. With this option comes excess liability coverage and additional charges. Enter a value additional to the normal amount in the Excess Liability $ field.



Supported Billing Types


Shipping Notes