TForce Freight Setup


The TForce Freight interface (formerly UPS Freight) requires some prerequisite setup before you can set up your TForce Freight account. Do these steps first if you are adding an account for the first time.


Prerequisite Setup


Parcel Setup

To set up TForce Freight you first need to commission with UPS and register UPS OnLine Tools through UPS Parcel account setup.


Link MyUPS to MyLTL

These steps are required in order to consolidate a User ID/Password to your MyLTL Freight User ID/Password :

  1. Create a MyLTL Freight User ID and Password and configure your account and contracts.
  2. Create a User ID and Password that exactly matches (case sensitive) your existing My LTL Freight User ID and Password. This will be the User ID/Password pair used in TForce Freight account setup.
  3. From the TForce Freight login page, follow the steps to link your User ID/Password pair to your MyLTL Freight User ID/Password.

Account Setup


Once you have set up the UPS Parcel account and taken the preliminary steps needed to connect your MyUPS account and MyLTL account, you can use your UPS login credentials to add your TForce Freight account in StarShip. The selected UPS account must have TForce Freight LTL rates enabled by your UPS Account representative before you can configure the account.


Add an account

  1. To access account setup, select Setup > Carrier Interface > TForce Freight.

  2. Click the Accounts tab. The Accounts section is blank until you add an account. Click the Add button.


  3. Enter your TForce Freight account information. Click OK when you're done.

    Account Name: Type in an account name that will identify this account in StarShip.

    Freight Account #: Enter the Freight account number.

    User ID/Password: Enter the User ID and Password you created in Prerequisite Setup.

    Shipper Number: Select the corresponding Shipper Number that was registered in UPS Parcel Setup.

    Access Key: This field is populated automatically when you select the Shipping Number.

    I have density pricing: Check this box if you already have density-based pricing set up with TForce Freight.

    Request shipment pickup: Check the Request Shipment Pickup option if you want StarShip to automatically send a pickup request to TForce Freight when a shipment is processed. This will only occur if you selected a Tendering Type of Electronic in Billing settings.


The account is added and you return to the Accounts tab. Next, configure other settings for TForce Freight as described below.



This tab displays information about TForce Freight communication settings.


Disable use of TForce Freight: Check this option if you do not want TForce Freight to be available for rating or shipping. TForce Freight will not appear in the Carrier field on the Shipment tab.


Enable background tracking: Background tracking collects shipment data so that you can look up delivery information for past shipments and generate late deliveries reports from the StarShip Dashboard.

Background tracking must be generally enabled for StarShip in the StarShip Server under Tools > Options > Background Tracking. It can then be enabled/disabled for each individual carrier in carrier setup.



The Carriers tab will only show TForce Freight as a supported carrier. Entries cannot be added or deleted.




The accounts tab displays your TForce Freight accounts. From this tab, you can select an account and edit it, delete it, disable it, or designate the default account. You can also configure carrier account settings.


Carrier Account Settings

This section allows you to change specific settings for the currently selected account. If you set up multiple accounts, you can maintain different settings for each account. To change settings for accounts, click on the desired account and then make your changes by selecting from the drop-down lists.


Default Prepaid Billing Type: This is the default Billing Type for shipments that are paid for by the shipper. You can select from Sender or 3PL (set up in Maintain > 3PL).


Tendering Type: The choices are Electronic, Call, and Daily Pickup.


Disabled: Check to disable this account. Once disabled, you will not be able to rate or ship using this account and it will not be available in the Accounts drop-down field.


Note: When you add or edit an account on the Accounts tab, changes to the database are immediate. However, if you delete an account, but then click the Cancel button on this dialog, the account will not be deleted from the StarShip database.



Reference Fields

Reference fields allow the recipient to track incoming packages using a reference field (such as the Purchase Order #) along with the ship date or your shipper number, or other information that may not normally appear in a shipment’s details. StarShip supports up to 5 different Reference fields at the shipment level for TForce Freight. Reference fields are uploaded to UPS at end-of-day processing.

Specify the shipment fields to include as reference fields by selecting them from the drop-down lists. Use the "Advanced..." option to choose fields that are not listed in the default drop-down list.

See Carrier Reference Fields for more detailed information about how to use reference fields.



Additional Info

This tab displays the supported billing types and shipment options available for this carrier interface. More information about shipment options is available in TForce Freight Shipping.






If TForce Freight has not yet completed the process to enable freight rating and shipping for your account(s), the user will receive an error when attempting to rate shipments.