Shipment Status


Shipment status indicates the point at which the shipment is in the shipment process. It is shown on the Shipment tab or when viewing a list of shipments on the Open Shipment dialog.

If you change the status of a processed shipment on the Ship screen, click the Update Status button to apply the change.



View or Change Shipment Status

Use Shipment > Open to select a shipment and view or change its status.


Delivery Statuses


End of Day History


Update shipment status


Select Shipment > Open and select the shipment from the Open Shipment dialog.

On the Shipment tab, change the status and ready date (if applicable).


Make any necessary changes, and click the Update Status button in the Shipment toolbar. You can also select Shipment > Update Status.



Confirm that you want to update the status (and void the shipment with the carrier if reverting to Open.)




See also : Shipment tab, Open Shipment