End of Day Close


The End of Day close process uploads processed shipment and package information to carriers that support this process. The process changes shipment status to "Posted."

You can post your shipments in StarShip by individual carrier and/or carrier accounts. End of Day close-out can be performed multiple times per day. Once you post shipments, StarShip prints all enabled End of Day documents. You can also view posted shipments and print documents from End of Day History.


Posting Shipments

You access End of Day from the Update menu or the shipment task bar. The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + Alt + E..




On the left, carriers appear at the highest level with your account numbers below them. To the right, the account is broken down by carrier, account, and the carrier service used for the shipment.

The number next to each label represents the total number of packages at that level. All shipments that have been processed and have a ready date on or before the date selected in the "Total Packages on or before <date>" field are accounted for in the totals.

Uncheck any carrier or account that you do not want to post. Click the Post button to run End of Day. Note : Clicking on the Edit button to the left of the account number opens the account's End of Day History screen.


FedEx shipments will be automatically posted at 4 a.m. based on the Account Time Zone set in FedEx Account Setup.




Once shipments are posted, the results window displays the status for each carrier you closed out, and any error messages. Click OK.




End of Day History

Once a shipment is posted, you can view details and status in End of Day History. Closed out shipments have a "Success" status.

You can utilize the filters at the top of the window to display specific shipments, by Posted Date(s) including a date range, by carrier, or by status. To filter using a date range, select Range from the Posted Date drop-down list and then enter a range in the fields to the right.

You can also find shipments by Carrier or End of Day status.


The selected shipment's details display below the grid.






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