Old Dominion


Old Dominion supports LTL shipments to the U.S. and Canada, including Alaska and Hawaii. Users can rate, ship, track, and enter pick-up requests via the Internet.

Old Dominion setup is accessible from Setup > Carrier Interface > Old Dominion. For instructions on adding an Old Dominion Account, see  Account Setup.

Main Tab

The Main tab has two general Old Dominion settings that you can configure :

Carriers Tab

The Carriers tab will only show Old Dominion Freightlines as a supported carrier. Entries cannot be added or deleted.

Accounts tab

The Old Dominion Carrier Interface must have at least 1 default account to be available for shipping. Accounts are set up per Location.

Account Setup

  1. On the Accounts tab, click Add.

  2. Enter your account information :

Account Settings

This section allows you to change specific settings for the listed accounts. If you set up multiple accounts, you can maintain different settings for each account. To change settings for accounts, click on the account and then make your changes by selecting from the drop-down lists.


Reference Fields

Reference fields allow you to print additional information on the BOL using a reference field, such as the PO#, or any other information that may not normally appear in a shipment’s details. StarShip supports 1 reference field at the shipment level.



Old Dominion Web Services supports two address lines. In cases where Address 3 field data is present, select how StarShip should handle it.



Additional Info

This tab displays the supported billing types and shipment options available for Old Dominion.