Client Login/Location


When you launch the StarShip client, you will see a Login dialog. If you have multiple login locations, select your location from the drop-down list. Locations are defined by your registration key.




If this is your first time logging in, enter your User Name and Password. Note: StarShip passwords are limited to 20 characters.

The login can also be set up to "remember" the User Name and Password based on the Windows user.

To change the currently logged-in user, select Shipment > Change User from the StarShip window.



Setup with Multiple Locations

StarShip setup needs to be completed for each login location. You must complete the setup wizard or manually configure required settings for each location separately.

Many StarShip settings and options are saved dynamically by location as well.


User Setup

You can perform user administration in the StarShip Server Manager, under Tools > Users. It allows you to administer StarShip users and configure settings, such as passwords.