User-Defined Carriers


The User-Defined Freight Carrier module is also referred to as the "BOL module". You can define an unlimited number of SCACs to automate BOL and label printing, in addition to maintaining a consistent workflow with all other carriers. This module does not offer electronic rating or tendering. If you have a roll of PRO# stickers, you can scan it in via a wedge-type scanner and it will be sent back to the source document as a tracking number.  


New Carrier Setup

Carriers are set up in Maintain > Carriers. Click New Carrier on the toolbar to start setting up a new carrier. Both the Carrier Name and SCAC code fields are required.
Field definitions for setting up user-defined carriers are listed out in detail in Maintain Carriers.


Freightquote and/or 3PL

To enable rating and/or 3PL based on the explanations under Carrier Interfaces.



BOL Information

For more information about :



For more information about processing a freight shipment on-the-fly, see Manually Enter BOL.