® is a freight carrier rating interface that acts as a 3PL. StarShip integrates to provide:


If you don't already have a contract, you must first contact, who will create a contract for you. Freightquote can also load your contract rates from your specific carriers into the® system. This is a manual process that takes 2-3 days. will provide you with an e-mail address and password that accesses your account online at and from within StarShip.


Once you have your account information, you can enter it into StarShip from Setup > Carrier Interface >






Disable use of : Check this option if you do not want Freightquote to be used when rating shipments. In this case, Freightquote will not be displayed as an Account option on the Shipment tab.


Enable background tracking : Check this option to have StarShip track shipments as a background process.




Terms and Conditions

In order to use Freightquote, you must check this box to acknowledge that you have read Freightquote's terms and conditions and that you agree to them. Click the link provided to read these terms and conditions on the website.


When rate shopping, only return rates for Contract Carriers

With this option checked, StarShip will only show rates for your contract carriers, rather than all Freightquote carriers.


Supported Carriers

This tab lists carriers supported by, their SCAC code, and carrier type. You cannot add or delete carriers; however, you may disable a carrier on the Accounts tab.



All grids on these dialogs can be sorted in ascending/descending order by clicking the column title of any column.





The Accounts tab is where you set up the account information for your account(s). Under the Accounts section, you can add, edit, or delete accounts.

You will need to enter following account information to set up accounts:



Default Account

You must set up at least one account to be used as the default shipping account. The first account you add to StarShip is designated as the default account. If you add other accounts, you can designate a different default account by enabling the "Default" check box for that account. Please note that you can only rate and process shipments using the primary login for your Freightquote account.


When a carrier is selected for a shipment, the default account will be set on the Shipment tab if possible.

Note : There can be only one default carrier interface for each carrier regardless of the User ID/Location of the currently logged-in user.


Disable Account

You can disable accounts by selecting the account and clicking the "Disable" check box for that account. You cannot disable the default account.




Carrier Account Settings

This section allows you to change specific settings for the listed carriers. If you set up multiple accounts, you can maintain different settings for each account. To change settings for accounts, click on the account and then make your changes by selecting from the drop-down lists.




Default Prepaid Billing Type

This is the default Billing Type for shipments that are paid for by the shipper. You can select from Sender,, or any other 3PL that you set up in Maintain > 3PL. Recipient and Third Party billing are not supported by

These settings affect the options available under Billing on the Shipment tab.


Tendering Type

The choices are Call, Daily Pickup, or Electronic. StarShip only sends a pickup request to when "Electronic" is selected. For the other options, you must contact the carrier directly.



Check to disable a carrier. Once disabled, you will not be able to rate or ship using this carrier when shipping with Freightquote.


Additional Info

This tab displays the supported billing types and shipment options available for this carrier interface.


Other notes


Freightquote Rating

After entering your shipment information in StarShip, click Rate Shipment to retrieve the prices and services of all your contracted carriers in the Rate Shop tab.


General Notes




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