Document with No Line Items (Customers)


You can choose to ship against a source interface document, such as Customers, that does not have line item detail. Note that when shipping against Customer documents, only the Sender and Recipient information is imported from the source interface.

  1. Select Customers from the Document drop-down list.

  2. Type in the Customer ID or choose a Customer from the Customer list.

    One BOL entry appears in the shipment tree view.
    See example


  3. Continue the shipment based on these options:

  4. Enter any remaining shipment options.
    See example


  5. Rate the shipment to get a list of available carriers and current shipment pricing. To rate the shipment, you can click the button on the toolbar or press Ctrl + R.


  6. Select a carrier from the Shipment tab. Or, double-click the carrier on the Rate Shop tab.


  7. Enter the shipment's Ready Date and Time.
    See example


  8. Save the shipment. There are two options for saving shipments.