Document with Line Item + Item Packing and No Shipping Assistant


This scenario involves shipping against a source interface document to ship that includes line item detail. The Shipping Assistant is disabled. Some automatic packaging based on packaging scenarios occurs.

For this example, we will ship against an order.

  1. Select a sales order by scanning the sales order number. You can also use the Browse button to view and select from the list of current orders.


  2. Switch to the Packaging View. Notice that some items have been automatically packaged  using packaging scenarios. Place any unpacked items into packages. You can change the packaging type, quantity, and actual weight on the Packaging tab.
    See example


  3. Place the packages onto larger handling units (pallets, skids).
    See example


  4. Using line item and packing information, StarShip populates the bill of lading. You may change the commodity description. ( How does StarShip do this?)


  5. Enter any remaining shipment options that were not populated.
    See example


  6. Rate the shipment to get a list of available carriers and current shipment pricing. To rate the shipment, you can click the button on the toolbar or press Ctrl + R.


  7. Select a carrier from the Shipment tab. Or, double-click the carrier on the Rate Shop tab.


  8. Enter the shipment's Ready Date and Time.
    See example


  9. Save the shipment. There are two options for saving shipments.