Configure a Generic Parcel Carrier


This section includes information about setting up generic carriers for shipping. This can be used for your local carriers or customer-preferred carriers for which no direct rating is required through StarShip.

Note :  Currently, there is no functionality to import rate tables when using generic carriers.



Set up the carrier(s)

Configure the Source Interface Ship Vias for those carriers

Optionally configure tracking number

Prepare and process the shipment



1.  Set up the carrier

  1. In the StarShip Client, select Maintain > Carriers. Click New Carrier on the toolbar. You can also press Ctrl + N or select File > New.  
  2. On the Main tab, enter the Carrier Name and any other info. Select the Type as "Parcel. (For field definitions, see




Enter the Carrier Name, SCAC code, and any other carrier information. Click the Add New Service button to add a service. See Maintain Carriers/Carrier Fields for field descriptions.






2.  Configure Source Interface Ship Via value translations for those carriers

You can customize the Ship Via based on the carrier values set up in your source interface.

  1. On the Ship screen, select the Setup menu and then select Source Interface > "Your interface."
  2. Click Customize Interface, and select the document (Orders, etc.).
  3. Expand the Target Field group  "Shipment."
  4. In the Shipment fields section, choose Carrier. Note that the Field Mapping Source is set to "Your Source Interface" Field and the source document field (Order field, etc.) is set to Ship Via.
  5. Select "Click here to update Value Translations."

    StarShip Shipping Software

  6. The Value Translations dialog shows you the way Ship Via is currently mapped to the Carrier - Service field in StarShip. This is where you can adjust the values for the carrier(s) you added by making selections from the drop-down lists :

    StarShip Shipping Software

3. Configure Tracking Number (optional)

By default the StarShip auto-generated BOL number will be bar-coded on the shipping label and written back to the source interface as the tracking number for the shipment. When this check box is checked, StarShip generates the BOL# and displays it in the Shipment tab under General Information.



4. Enable the printing of package labels

From the StarShip Setup menu, select Printing and then click Manage Labels. Select "Package Label with Bar-Code" and click Label Settings. Click "Enabled" and configure settings. See Manage Labels for field definitions.


StarShip Shipping Software



5.  Prepare/Finalize shipment

Select the order or other source interface document to ship against. You can browse for a document, type or scan in the document number.



Packaging Tab : If your default packaging is enabled

StarShip Shipping Software



Finally, process the shipment by clicking the Ship/Process button or by pressing the F5 key.


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