UPS Returns


UPS Returns® and Returns Plus® allow you to provide your recipient with a return shipping label that can be attached to the item for return.


StarShip supports the following Return Services:


Print Return Label

This option prints a return label for you to include in the original shipment or provide to your recipient. If you need to print a return label for your own records, enable the check box "Print thermal label for Call Tags" in UPS Setup. Return labels are printed for each package in a shipment.


Returns Plus

3 UPS Pickup Attempts, which is designed for high-value items. This option includes high-security procedures for requesting collection of a package.

1 UPS Pickup Attempt, which allows you to request a collection of a package within the U.S.


Electronic Return Label

Email a return label to your customer that can be printed with a receipt and information on how to arrange for collection.


UPS Prints and Mails

UPS prints and mails a return label to your customer for you, providing a suitable return option for a variety of circumstances, including product recalls.



Creating a UPS Return

You can create Returns from a new shipment that is open on the Ship screen. Enter shipment details and check the UPS Returns option on the Shipment tab, under Shipment Options. When you process the shipment (F5), the return is created.

You can also create returns for open or processed shipments from the Open Shipment dialog.


Return Options

Configure the settings below for UPS Returns.



UPS Returns can be used in conjunction with UPS Return Notifications.