Roadrunner Transportation Systems Shipping


The Roadrunner Transportation Systems module allows you to rate and ship via the Internet, giving you live access to negotiated rates. In addition, you can track shipments, request pickups, and get Proof of Delivery. Roadrunner supports LTL shipments to destinations in the USA and Canada.



Standard LTL


Supported Accessorials


Handling Fee

Liftgate Pickup

Liftgate Delivery

Inside Pickup

Inside Delivery

Notification Charge

Hazardous Materials

Protect from Cold

Single Shipment

Sort or Segregate

Non Business Hrs Delivery : Normal business hours are Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. This option should not be used for Sunday or holiday deliveries.


The following supported Accessorials are set by Location Attributes :

 Residential Delivery

 Residential Pickup

 Construction Site Delivery

 Construction Site Pickup

 Distribution Center Delivery

 Camp/Park/Resort Delivery (Amusement Park/Camp Recipient)

 Camp/Park/Resort Pickup (Amusement Park/Camp Sender)

 Exhibition Center Delivery (Trade Show Recipient)

 Exhibition Center Pickup (Trade Show Sender)

 Prison Delivery

 Farm/Ranch Delivery

 Farm/Ranch Pickup



Supported Billing Types

Prepaid (Sender)



Shipping Notes