UPS Restricted Articles


The International Special Commodities (ISC) program (Restricted Articles) is a contract service that allows you to ship alcoholic beverages, biological substances, perishables, plants, seeds, special exception articles, and tobacco to and from approved origins and destinations. This option is only available if you enabled it in your UPS account setup under Contract Settings.


For more information about setup, see UPS Web Services Settings > Contract Settings.




When shipping an International shipment, the UPS Restricted Articles under Shipment Options will allow you to select the type of restricted articles to ship.  Only the types you see enabled in your UPS setup will appear in the Type drop-down list.


Mapping Restricted Articles Settings


You can map Restricted Articles settings in Customize Interface.


You can also set value translations for Restricted Article Type by clicking the "Click here to update Value Translations" link. To add or edit values, click the Edit Values button.