Options - SAP B1


Other options available for the SAP B1 Version for HANA interface can be accessed by selecting Setup > Source Interface > SAP B1 Version for HANA 9.3 PL02, and clicking on Options.

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Options available for the SAP B1 interface can be accessed by selecting Setup > Source Interface > SAP B1 (version), and clicking on Options.



Retrieve related documents when shipping

When checked, StarShip will search for related documents based on the Ship-To Address. When shipping, this allows you to select related documents to process in the Search/Batch Processing window (when browsing documents) or in the Shipping Assistant.



When importing a document that has an existing non-posted shipment, always :



StarShip will search for any draft shipment or shipment processed within the last "#" days

When importing a document (Sales Orders, Invoices, etc.) from SAP, StarShip will scan all open (draft) shipments, and only the processed shipments within the number of days you set here, for shipments that may already exist for that document.  So, for example, if you add a Sales Order to a shipment you've already saved or processed in StarShip, you can reprocess the shipment with the new order added without voiding write-back or tracking numbers. Note that you cannot set the number of days if you set the option above it to Create New.



When editing a draft or processed shipment for which the source financial system data has changed, always :

If you open a shipment in Edit mode and the shipment data has been modified in the source interface since it was saved or processed in StarShip, select the action to take :



Automatically process shipment upon receiving source document

Check this option to have StarShip process the shipment upon import into the Ship screen. In order for this to occur, packaging, weight, and complete shipment information must be present in the document. If your interface does not support importing package count, this will only work for single package shipments.



Run in Diagnostic Mode

Check this option to have StarShip run in a special diagnostic mode that shows the raw input from the source interface before any mapping or translations are performed on it.

When enabled, a Show Diagnostics button appears on the source interface tab. Clicking the Show Diagnostics button will display the input information from the source interface in raw message format for Technical Support purposes.



Enable logging of SAP B1 (Client) or (SL) transactions

StarShip will run in a special mode that provides more information to aid Technical Support. You can also specify Normal or Maximum levels of logging.