Hazardous Materials Preferences


Preferences setup for Hazardous Materials allows you to configure Hazardous Materials options. The contact information populates the Hazardous Materials contact fields on the Shipment tab, when you are processing a shipment. There is also an option that lets you control how Hazardous Material line items affect Package Options.

See : Hazardous Materials Profiles


StarShip will control the Hazardous Materials option and profile for a package based on its line items


Emergency Contact Information

If you want to use the contact information from the default Sender address (MAIN) entered in Setup > Company, check the Default to Main Company Contact check box. Alternately, you can uncheck that option and type the contact information into the provided fields.

Note : The signature and title fields are required for FedEx Hazmat shipments.


Masterform Settings

These settings will only appear when the Masterform interface is registered with StarShip. Check the first setting to enable the integration from Masterform to StarShip. The Masterform Database Directory is the directory from which StarShip will import the data file that is exported from Masterform Online (DGIS). You can click the Browse button to change this directory.


If these fields are mapped from the source interface in Customize Interface (Target Fields > Shipment > Shipment Options > HazMat Settings), the values that are imported from the source interface will overwrite the defaults.