Process a Ground Freight Shipment


UPS® Ground with Freight Pricing is a service that guarantees delivery for multi-package shipments weighing over 150 lbs. within the 48 contiguous states.

Rating is based on actual Freight Class, and the following discounts are applied :



Hazardous Materials Shipments are not accepted for transportation via UPS Ground with Freight Pricing service. UPS Ground with Freight Pricing is not available for UPS Returns® Services packages.  




Process Shipments

These are the basic steps for processing a Ground Freight shipment.

  1. Load a shipment or type in the shipment information. The Sender and Recipient address must be located within the 48 contiguous states.
  2. Enter any line item information, if necessary, such as Freight Class.
  3. Weigh the package or type in the package weight. Repeat for each package. The total shipment weight must be a minimum weight of 151 lbs.
  4. On the Shipment tab, choose UPS as the carrier.

    The Service will automatically switch to UPS Ground Freight.

  5. Select any Package or Shipment Options, and configure any other shipment details.
  6. Click the Ship/Process button.



UPS Ground Freight Setting

In order to ship with this service, it must be enabled for the UPS account you're shipping with -- this setting can be found in Setup >  Carrier Interface > UPS. Go to the Account tab, double-click the UPS account, and click the Settings tab. The "UPS Ground Freight" check box should be checked.




For more information about UPS Settings, select one of the following links based on your subscription :