FedEx Freight Shipping


With FedEx Freight services, you can ship palletized or non-palletized freight up to 20,000 lbs. in weight and 20 feet in length. FedEx Freight supports inbound and outbound shipments to the continental US (48 states), plus Canada and Mexico.


Shipping Documents

FedEx Freight supports generating both the VICS and Straight BOL.

Note that due to FedEx label limitations, StarShip can only print 10-digits in the BOL Number and PO Number fields on the freight label.




FedEx Freight® Priority focuses on regional next-day and second-day services that provide the benefit of fast-cycle logistics. Delivery is typically in 1 or 2 business days by 5 p.m. for U.S. shipments. Use this service when speed is critical to meet your supply chain needs.

FedEx Freight® Economy provides long-haul service for planned inventory replenishment, with multiple service options to meet your needs. Delivery is typically in 3–5 business days for U.S. shipments. Use this service when you have the option to trade time for savings.



Supported Options

The following package and shipment options are available for FedEx Freight :




Billing Options

Consignee – Funds will be collected from the Consignee

Shipper – Shipment will be billed to the sender‘s account

Shipper – Shipment will be billed to a third party account




Shipping with FedEx Freight

FedEx Freight can be shipped using Freightquote, Enterprise TMS, and the FedEx Freight module directly. To process a FedEx Freight shipment :


  1. On the StarShip Ship screen, enter Freight mode by clicking the Freight button.
  2. Load the document (Order, Invoice, Sales Transaction, etc.) or type the shipment information directly on the Ship screen.
  3. On the Shipment tab, FedEx Freight should be selected in the Carrier Field. This will give you the FedEx Freight services to choose from in the Service drop-down list.


  4. If you have more than one FedEx account, select the FedEx Freight account you set up earlier.


  5. When you are done entering shipment details, you can rate the shipment by clicking the Rate Shop button.


  6. To process the shipment, press F5 or click the Ship/Process button.

Shipping Notes


Aggregate Handling Units

FedEx Freight does not support aggregate handling units (Qty >1).


Email Notification

You can automatically send an email message about the progress of your FedEx Freight shipments.

There are three types of notifications you can check:





You can specify up to 5 recipients and their email addresses by clicking Additional Settings. The Subject Line can also be customized -- currently, it defaults to the Tracking Number, but can be changed to Shipment Reference 1 or 2.

You can optionally provide a Ship From Name, or include a message in the Memo field.


Note about Reference Fields : To modify the Reference Fields used for FedEx Freight shipments, go to Setup > Carrier Interface > FedEx Freight > Reference Fields.

For more information, see Carrier Reference Fields.