FedEx Canada Origin


StarShip support for FedEx Canada Origin allows you to ship to and from all Canadian provinces, as well as the U.S., Mexico, and International destinations. When logged into the Canadian Origin account, currency values are shown in Canadian Dollars (CAD). When rating shipments, only Canadian services will be shown.




You must use the Login associated with the Canada Location to access the account used for Canada Origin shipments. When a user logs in with this location, only the Canadian FedEx accounts and services will be available. This Login dialog displays when the StarShip Client is launched. Note : If you log back into a U.S. location, you will only see the U.S. FedEx accounts.



Set up the FedEx account

To set up the account used with FedEx Canada Origin, select Setup > Carrier Interface > FedEx.




On the Accounts tab, select the account and click Edit. Use the StarShip setup wizard to complete FedEx registration : See  FedEx Account Setup

See Setup Notes below for FedEx Canada Origin-specific notes.


Once registration is complete, the Account Status displays the Meter # and the Default check box will be checked. You are now ready to ship.




Setup Notes


International Setup

If you request a document under the FedEx Electronic Trade Documents section, you must set up the document in Printing Setup. For more information, see the International section of FedEx Setup.

Request and print the NAFTA Certificate of Origin for the USA and Mexico; for all other locations, request and print the Certificate of Origin.



See also : FedEx Canada Origin Shipment