Dayton Freight Lines Shipping


The Dayton Freight module allows you to rate and ship via the Internet, giving you live access to negotiated rates. In addition, you can track shipments, request pickups, and generate the BOL. Dayton Freight supports LTL shipments to destinations in the USA and Canada.





Standard LTL

Standard LTL Guaranteed AM (12 PM)

Standard LTL Guaranteed PM (5 PM)


Supported Accessorials



Handling Fee

Liftgate Pickup

Liftgate Delivery

Inside Pickup

Inside Delivery

Limited Access Pickup/Delivery : Includes Church, Military, Corrections, Nuclear, Mine, Other, School, or Storage.


Arrival Notification

Hazardous Materials

Email Notification

Freezable Shipment : Protect the shipment from freezing

Extreme Length (large package option) : One or more articles in the shipment equals or exceeds 12 feet (144 inches) in length.



The following supported Accessorials are set by Location Attributes :

Residential Delivery

Residential Pickup

Construction Site Delivery/Pickup

Military, Nuclear, Corrections Pickup (Can be set by limited access option or location attributes if prison)

Airport Delivery

Airport Pickup



Supported Billing Types

Prepaid (Sender)



Shipping Notes


Shipment Option Notes

Email Notification


You can choose to have a Ship Notification or Pickup Notification sent to the Sender, Recipient, or Other email address. StarShip will use the email address from the Sender and/or Recipient tab, or if you choose "Other", you can enter an email address in the field provided.


Note : In order for the Email Notification option to be enabled, you must have the "Req. shipment pickup" (Request shipment pickup) option checked in your account setup.