StarShip supports shipment rating and processing exclusively for YRC freight carriers. You can also print YRC-generated labels and BOLs.


StarShip supports the following freight services and options for shipments to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.





Guaranteed Day PM

Guaranteed Day AM

Time Critical AM Delivery

Time Critical Day Delivery

Time Critical Window Delivery


Next Flight Out

Next Day AM

Second Day AM

Second Day PM

Third Day PM

Time Advantage - Deferred





Handling Fee

Lift Gate Pickup

Lift Gate Delivery

Inside Pickup

Inside Delivery




Limited Access Pickup

Limited Access Delivery


Dock Pickup

Certified Pickup

Single Shipment

Sorting Segregation

Delivery Notification  : Note - If you will be mapping this field to a fixed value of 'Selected" or to a source interface field, map the "Call Before Delivery" field under Shipment Options in StarShip's Customize Interface. More info....



Known Issues


Invalid Destination

When shipping to an address that contains a period in the City, such as St. Louis, YRC returns an error message "Invalid destination city/state/zip".  Once the period is removed, the shipment will process without any further issues.