Estes Shipping


The Estes Express Lines module supports rating, tracking, and proof of delivery via the Internet. You can generate the VICS or the Estes BOL and print package and pallet labels.





LTL Standard Transit: 5PM

Standard Transit Plus: 12PM

Standard Transit Plus: 10AM

Exclusive Use

Guaranteed LTL Transit: 5PM

Guaranteed Transit Plus: 12PM

Guaranteed Transit Plus: 10AM

Guaranteed Exclusive Use

Volume and Truckload Basic

Volume and Truckload Guaranteed Standard

Volume and Truckload Guaranteed Economy


Note: Most services require dimensions in order to rate a shipment. The exception is LTL Standard Transit: 5PM.



Supported Accessorials


Email BOL and notifications

Handling Fee

Delivery appointment: Note - If you will be mapping this field to a fixed value of 'Selected" or to a source interface field, map the "Call Before Delivery" field under Shipment Options in StarShip's Customize Interface. More info....

Blind Shipment

Hazardous Shipment

Limited Access Pickup

Limited Access Delivery

Inside Pickup

Inside Delivery

Liftgate Pickup

Liftgate Delivery

Notify consignee


Proof of Delivery (see Shipping Notes below)

Protect From Freezing

Single Shipment

Unloading Service



Other Supported Options


Stackable (only if all BOL entries are stackable)

High Value Coverage



Supported Billing Types


Prepaid (Sender)

Prepaid (3PL)


Third Party



Shipping Notes

Shipping Option Notes


Email BOL and Notifications

You can choose to have an email notification sent to the Sender, Recipient, or Other email address. StarShip will use the email address from the Sender and/or Recipient tab, or if you choose "Other", you can enter an email address in the field provided.  The email provides an attached BOL in .PDF format that is sent when the shipment is assigned to a carrier.