EasyPost Settings


StarShip's EasyPost module supports small parcel, international, and APO/FPO shipments via USPS and domestic/international Consolidators.





To access EasyPost settings, select Setup > Carrier Interface > EasyPost.


Main Tab

The Main tab has two general EasyPost settings that you can configure :


Disable use of EasyPost: Check this option if you do not want USPS or Consolidators to be available for rating or shipping. They will not appear in the Carrier field on the Shipment tab.


Enable background tracking : Background tracking collects shipment data so that you can look up delivery information for past shipments and generate late deliveries reports from the StarShip Dashboard. Background tracking must be generally enabled for StarShip in the StarShip Server under Tools > Options > Background Tracking. It can then be enabled/disabled for each individual carrier in carrier setup.



Carriers Tab

This tab will list  USPS and any Consolidators that you have added on the Accounts tab.



Accounts Tab

The Accounts tab displays the account information and status for the accounts you added to the Accounts grid, as well as the account addresses.

You can disable an account by checking the Disable check box next to an account, or change the default account by checking the Default check box next to an account.

You can also add, edit, or delete the currently selected account.


See Account Setup for information on how to add an account.



Reference Fields Tab

Reference fields allow you to print additional information on the shipping label using a reference field, such as the Shipment ID, or any other information that may not normally appear in a shipment’s details. StarShip supports up to three different reference fields at the shipment level. Specify the shipment fields to include by selecting them from the drop-down lists.



Settings Tab

Require package dimensions to ship: Select when the user must enter package dimensions on the Packaging tab in order to Ship/Process a shipment. Choices are:


Special nondelivery instructions for customs forms and International labels: Specify the action to take in the case of a shipment's nondelivery. These instructions, either "Return to Sender" or "Abandon," will print on customs forms and International labels.



Additional Info Tab

This tab displays the supported billing types and shipment options available for EasyPost.