Viewing Emails


You can view all generated emails in the eNotify Email Viewer, or you can view emails by shipment in the StarShip Client.


Email Viewer

The eNotify Email Viewer will display all emails generated by StarShip in one window. Emails are grouped by their status. You can perform actions on single emails or in a batch.

To launch the Email Viewer, use the icon on your desktop or from the V-Technologies program menu. You will need to log in using your StarShip Client credentials. The viewer displays in the default Internet browser.

Note : Users will be logged off after 30 minutes of inactivity. Closing the Email Viewer window will also log a user off.


Select a group of emails on the left (All, Sent, Not Sent, Failed, Deleted) to display the list of emails to the right. To view an email in detail, click on it. The email displays in the lower portion of the window.

To perform an action on an email or emails, check the box at the beginning of the row and use the commands on the top right of the window.




Failed Emails Folder

Only emails that have failed to send from the SMTP server are shown in the Failed folder.

Emails may fail for the following reasons :


Send emails without recipient address

When the eNotify Server Settings option "Send emails without recipient address" is checked, emails without a recipient address will be sent to the Failed folder so that you can provide the recipient address.


SMTP Connection Issue

eNotify is unable to connect to the remote server. Check your connection or check the SMTP settings.


SMTP SSL Connection Issue

The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response is "5.5.1 Authentication Required."


Example :




StarShip Client

To view emails by shipment, use the Preview Email functionality in the StarShip Client.

  1. When the shipment is up on the StarShip screen, click the Preview Emails button on the toolbar. This function is available for shipments with any status.

  2. The preview window consists of two tabs. The Templates tab displays the templates that will be used  to generate emails based on possible events that can occur to the current  shipment. The user can view the Send Event and Time that was set up for the template in the Template Designer, as well as a preview of the template with the shipment data in the lower portion of the window. All displayed templates may not actually be generated for the shipment, only those for which an event or action occurs.  For example, a template may generate an email only when a shipment is deleted.

  3. The Generated Emails tab shows any emails already generated for the current shipment . The user can view the emails' Subject, Status, and Time, and a preview of the email in the lower portion of the window.


Preview and Shipment Status Examples

The email preview for shipments with an "Open" status only displays the Templates tab, as no emails were yet generated.

Alternately, the email preview for shipments with a Posted/Delivered/In Transit status has both tabs but the Templates tab displays the message "No emails will be generated for this shipment". This is because the shipment is already finalized.