To display the BOL tab, select the BOL View from the shipment tree. Information related to the selected BOL entry will display in the BOL tab.

Each BOL entry represents one row in the commodity section on the Bill of Lading.


Bill of Lading Entry Information

If "Manually Enter Bill of Lading" is not enabled in Bill of Lading settings and this shipment was generated from a source interface document with line items, these values are automatically determined and cannot be changed.


Handling Unit Qty

Number of handling units.


Handling Unit Type

Type of handling unit (Pallets, Skids, etc).


Package Qty

Number of packages


Package Type  

Type of package (Boxes, Bags, etc)


Total Weight  

Total weight for this BOL entry. When the BOL is automatically generated, the Show Detail button appears next to the Total Weight field. When clicked, detail related to the weight of the currently selected BOL entry appears to the right:


Hazardous Materials

Enable this check box to indicate Hazardous Materials.



Group selected for this line item.  This information displays only if Bill of Lading Setup has one of the following scenarios enabled:


NMFC Information

NMFC Code and subcode that classifies the item. This displays if Bill of Lading items are classifies by NMFC Code, subcode, and class.


Commodity Description

Description of this BOL entry. This value depends on Bill of Lading settings.