UPS Paperless Invoice

The Customs Clearance Solutions, Paperless Customs Documentation Submission is an "ease of use" contract service enhancement to UPS International Services. It will enable customers utilizing a system that communicates electronically with UPS to submit the Customs Invoice electronically and eliminate the need to produce hard copies of this paperwork to move with the shipment. UPS enables/disables this setting automatically, which you can view on the UPS Setup Accounts tab under Contract Services.


Starship prints a new laser label with the PDF-417 style barcode on it. The new laser label replaces the regular Commercial Invoice Form and prints to the same laser printer as the Commercial Invoice form. That label will have the information for the whole shipment encoded into 1-6 PDF417 barcodes.


Paperless invoice is not available for all countries. The list of countries is automatically distributed by UPS on regular basis. If you have this contract service and the Paperless Invoice check box does not appear in the dialog, it is not available for your currently selected ship-to country.