Mail Innovations®


UPS Mail Innovations® is a high-volume mailing service provider that optimizes both your domestic and international mailing processes.






Qualified Mail

For more detailed specifications, see the UPS Mail Innovations Qualified Mail Reference Sheet.




Supported Services

UPS First-Class Mail : Must be less than 16 oz

UPS Priority Mail

Mail Innovations Expedited (Domestic)

Mail Innovations Priority (International)

Mail Innovations Economy (International)



USPS Cost Center Setup

When shipping with UPS Mail Innovations, you can set up Cost Center values in UPS account properties. You can find the Cost center maintenance section in (Setup > Carrier Interfaces > UPS, then select your account on the Accounts tab and click Edit. Click on the Settings tab to add or delete Cost Centers.






In addition to processing the shipment as you normally would in StarShip (weighing the package(s), selecting package or shipment options, etc.), configure the following shipment settings for Mail Innovations  :


  1. On the Ship screen, select the appropriate Mail Innovations service in the Service field.

  2. (Optional) Select the Cost Center in Shipment Options.

  3. Select the USPS Endorsement type in Shipment Options. This is a required option when shipping with the Mail Innovations service. For International shipments, the only available option is “No Service Selected”.

  4. Add any other shipment details and Ship/Process (F5) the shipment.