Shipment Statuses


This dialog allows you to update details about existing shipments.




Update Statuses Information


Ready Date

Allows you to provide date information for the shipments you want to view. You can choose a predefined time period, like yesterday or last week, or provide a range of dates by selecting Range.



Select a status to filter the shipments by status.


Custom Search

Enter search terms to further filter shipments.



Shipment Table

Click the column header to change the sort order (ascending, descending), click the column header again. The current sort order is indicated by a blue up or down arrow in the column header.



Click the BOL number to display the BOL.



A 9-digit code that allows you to trace shipments.



Lists the carrier responsible for the shipment.



Some of these dates may be modified by clicking on the field and selecting dates from the pop-up calendar.



This is the current shipment status. You can change it by selecting a status from the drop-down list. Choices are Booked, In Transit, and Delivered.