Tracking/Detail Tab


This tab displays shipment and tracking information related to the current shipment. Most fields are populated automatically. Shipment information includes the BOL #, origin and destination terminals, and all Date/Time values associated with the shipment. You can initiate a tracking request for the current shipment by selecting Shipment > Track. Tracking information will display in the lower portion of the tab.


You may make changes to the following fields:

  1. Status: Changes the shipment status. You can also track the shipment by clicking the Track button.

  2. PRO #: This 9-digit code allows you to trace shipments.

  3. Pickup Date/Time: Enter the date and time arranged for carrier pickup.

  4. Est. Delivery Date: If you are using carriers without Freightquote, enter the estimated delivery date for shipments with a Booked or In Transit status.

  5. Delivery Date/Time: When Status is set to Delivered, you can modify this field.