StarShip Settings


To access StarShip setup for Masterform, select Setup > Preferences > Hazardous Materials.


Set Hazardous Materials Preferences setting


Control how Hazardous Material detail is populated (or not) based on line items with this Preferences setting, located in Setup > Preferences > Hazardous Materials

StarShip will control the Hazardous Materials option and profile for a package based on its line items




Geared towards users bringing over items from source interface orders or from StarShip inventory, this option provides the most automation.

You would create Hazardous Materials Profiles and assign them to items before processing shipments.


What it means : StarShip will automatically check the Hazardous Materials flag under Package Options and assign a hazardous profile based on the line items packed. The user will not be able to select/deselect the Hazardous flag or profile under Package Options.

Workflow : Shipping with line items that have assigned Hazardous Materials profiles; hazardous details are populated automatically.


For packages with line items only

For users who may ship both with and without line items. Hazardous Material option and profile are based on items in the package. If a package has no items, the user can select the Hazardous option and profile under Package Options.

What it means : If any line items in the package are hazardous, the Hazardous Materials flag will be checked and the associated Hazardous Materials profile will be selected. When packages do not contain line items, the Hazardous Materials package option and profile may be manually selected by the shipper.


Workflow: Based on items, hazardous materials options are set either automatically by StarShip or manually by the user.



For users who want the shipper to select Hazardous Material options at the package level. A good option if you don't use line items or you don't want to set up hazardous profiles for each item.


What it means : Line items are ignored. The Hazardous Materials option must be checked manually, and the shipper will select a Hazardous Materials profile under Package Options. If a line item is hazardous, the user must check the Hazardous option or the shipment cannot be processed.

Workflow: Shipping without line items or no item-to-hazardous-profile connection; user controls hazardous details for shipment.


Enable Masterform

Check the Enable Masterform Integration check box, and then specify the path to the Masterform installation directory. 

Note : These settings are assigned on a per-machine basis, so they must be configured on any workstation that will process, view, or post hazardous shipments that use the Masterform Interface.