Spee-Dee Setup


Spee-Dee provides small parcel shipments to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Illinois, and the St. Louis metro area.

You must set up at least one account in order to ship with Spee-Dee.


To set up a Spee-Dee account :


  1. From the StarShip Ship screen, select Setup > Carrier Interface > Spee-Dee.

  2. Click the Accounts tab, and select Add.

  3. In the Account Name field, enter a unique name for this account. Then, enter your Spee-Dee account number in the Account Number field.

    You may select an Address ID to associate with this account; this is optional. If you do choose to link this account with an Address ID, you will then be able to select the Spee-Dee Account ID on the Ship screen > Sender tab while processing a shipment.

    Or, select Custom Address and enter the account shipping address in the fields provided. You must also enter a phone number and email address.

  4. Next, select the Settings tab. Enter an 8-digit tracking number sequence. This number is used to create unique tracking numbers and barcodes for your shipments.

  5. Click OK.




Main Tab

Disable use of Spee-Dee:  Check this option if you do not want Spee-Dee to be available for rating or shipping. Spee-Dee will not appear in the Carrier field on the Shipment tab.


Carriers Tab

The Carriers tab will only show Spee-Dee as a supported carrier. Entries cannot be added or deleted.


Accounts Tab

The Accounts tab displays the account information and status for the account selected in the Accounts grid, as well as the shipping address.

You can disable an account by checking the Disable check box next to an account. Once disabled, you will not be able to rate or ship using this account and it will not be available in the Accounts drop-down field. You can also change the default account by checking the Default check box next to an account.

You can also add a new or existing account, and edit or delete the currently selected account.


Reference Fields Tab

Reference fields allow the recipient to track incoming packages using a reference field (such as the PO#) along with the ship date or your shipper number, or other information that may not normally appear in the package details. StarShip supports 2 Reference fields at the package level.

Specify the shipment fields to include as reference fields by selecting them from the drop-down lists. You can select from the default list, or select Advanced... to choose from a list of fields. You can also choose the data source from which fields are displayed. Use the magnifying glass if you want to search shipment fields using a search filter.

The Label Tag column allows you to change the default tag on the label to a label of your choosing.


Additional Info Tab

This tab displays the supported billing types and shipment options available for Spee-Dee.