Hold At FedEx Location


Hold At FedEx Location allows you to ship packages to a FedEx location for pickup, and also choose from a list of FedEx locations based on the Recipient address. The option is available with FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground®, and FedEx Home Delivery® services. Note : The ability to choose from a list is only available starting in StarShip v13.1.0.


To ship with the Hold At FedEx Location option :

  1. Once the Recipient address is populated, select the Shipment tab.
  2. Under Shipment Options, check the Hold At FedEx Location option.
  3. Click the Lookup icon.

  4. The closest Hold At Location addresses are listed. The distance from the recipient address and the hours of operation display for the selected address. Choose the FedEx Hold At Location Address and click OK.

  5. The selected Hold At FedEx Location is automatically populated.



Error During Hold At Location Address Lookup

If you receive an error message after clicking the Lookup button, you will need to manually re-register your FedEx accounts. If you have administrator privileges, you can do this in the StarShip Server Manager from Plugins > FedEx > Register all active FedEx accounts.