Declared Value


The FedEx insurance option, declared value, represents FedEx's maximum liability in connection with the shipment of that package. FedEx applies a fee for declared value if it is $100.00 or greater.


Signature Options

For domestic, multiple package shipments containing a package with a declared value equal to or greater than $500, the Direct Signature Required FedEx® Delivery Signature Option will automatically be applied to the entire shipment. Additional Direct Signature Required fees will apply to those packages within the shipment with a declared value of less than $500.


International Shipments

For FedEx International multiple package shipments, declared value must be provided as the Total on the first package. Each package's subsequent tracking ID is tied directly to the master tracking number, which means that the total is tied to the shipment as a whole, and not the individual package.


Note : FedEx requires that total declared value be sent on the first package in an international multi-piece shipment. Please be aware that if you make a claim you will be required to provide verifiable evidence if the individual package value exceeds the total value divided by the number of packages.


How to Set Declared Value

Declared Value can be defined on the Ship screen, under Package Options on the Packaging tab, or under Shipment Options on the Shipment tab.